Robert LeMar


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My work is available at   Zatista,   Rise Art   and Saatchi Art.

Available Works (Realism)

Titles listed below may still be available for sale.

I can also accept commissions on works,
at current pricing, that are no longer available.

Please contact me for more info,
sales or commission details.
A Group of Ladies24x362015
Along the Front Walk30x402012
Amber Glow24x362009
Atlantic Wave16x242011
Azalia Bush14x282012
Blue Hills30x362003
Blue Urn16x202010
Building Blocks10x222014
Carousel Horse18x242018
Cars #124x362008
Coming & Going16x202009
Doll's Domain16x212021
Edge of the Field36x481990
Flower Bed24x302015
Fresh Picked20x242015
Garden Vase16x201996
Green Scene22x282011
Haystack Rock #416x202010
Henlopen Dunes16x202012
Home Stretch18x301990
Kensington Ruins20x222013
Lamp & Jar8x102010
Lamp & Table30x402003
Large Farmhouse32x401997
Large Pavillion24x361991
Looking Up Kenilworth16x202019
Mallards on the Canal30x402018
Martha's House (Side)24x361993
Misty Field36x481992
Naked Ladies8x102015
On the Dry Sink22x302018
Oregon Coast #118x102010
Pink Irises11x142011
Pink Lilies18x242017
Porch Light16x202006
Portrait of a Purple Iris21x282011
Quiet Tree16x201997
Quiet Waters Road30x401991
Red Boat22x282012
Red Peppers16x202019
Rubarb Chard16x201996
Small Farmhouse16x201996
Somber Snow16x201994
Still Life with Oxalis22x282018
Table by Lamplight18x242017
Teddybear Cactus16x202020
The Blaine Mansion20x202018
The Front Hall15x202014
The Green Room30x402003
The Pewter Vase16x202019
The Pike from Strathmore32x422008
The Rock & the Hard Place11x202014
The Stairway16x202019
Tidewater Lagoon18x242012
Town Dock18x202012
Two Boats18x242012
Under the Hemlock18x242016
White Daffodils16x202019
Wing Chair16x202010
Yellow-Orange Lilies16x202015